It's time to wake up, Flutie...

Get ready to embark on a cool little adventure! Meet classic characters! Form long-lasting relationships! Bounce to the original Drum & Bass soundtrack. Run, jump, collect and explore the original and surprising world of Lil Flutie. 


  • 4 unique worlds
  • a handsome main character
  • 4+ unique and original Drum & Bass tracks
  • 2 surprising endings
  • PSX aesthetics
  • fun for everyone

The game was inspired by the classic 90s Drum & Bass sounds and old-school 3D visuals so if you dig that stuff, you should give it a spin.


- WASD to move

- Left Mouse Button to pee

- Space to jump and double jump

- Hold space while in the air to glide

- "F" to interact when the indicator is visible

- "C" to teleport to the last set checkpoint. You can teleport only if you have interacted with a checkpoint on a level that you're at. Otherwise, you'll be teleported to the entrance portal.

- ESC/Enter/Return to show the handy in-game Menu (have in mind that ESC button closes fullscreen when playing a WebGL version of the game, so in this scenario, use Enter/Return instead


Check out my twitter for updates related to the sequel :0

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(29 total ratings)
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D Platformer, Creepy, Exploration, Funny, Multiple Endings, PSX (PlayStation), psychedelic, Retro, weird
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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i dont know what to do


cool game

thanks B)


This game is incredible.

Thank youuuuuu <3 it means so much


What can I say? All the best games have a dedicated piss button. I think I 100% this game and I have to say it was a joy to play. The music slapped harder then Lil Flutie's cheeks as I soared through the air collecting rings. 

For my full thoughts check out this playthrough: (Timecode 1:04:03)

Haha :) Thank you, bub. That's such a lovely review. I'll watch it all! Thanks for playing and streaming it's really motivating to see that someone enjoys the shitty game that I've made as it has taken me more than a year of thinking, slacking off, and sometimes working to complete. 

Love you bub <3


PS love the music


Thank you <3 we were trying to achieve the vibe of the 90s intelligent/jungle D&B as we've found it to fit the game aesthetics and we're finding such sounds quite nostalgic.

I uh.... don't really get it? But it's just my kind of crazy! Had a blast with the weirdness, and figuring it out wasn't half bad either! I poked a bit of fun but it was a good game to try. I didn't even make it past the first world, really! But it was definitely worth a gander. :) It was the last game I tried in this compilation video!

damn, the first level is the worst one, it's a shame that you didn't see the next ones :D anyway thanks for checking it out!


Nice job on the weird aesthetics and overall concept.  I agree with other commenters that the game felt a bit too long -- I think you could have achieved your artistic ends with a somewhat shorter experience.  Some of the extended jumping sequences felt repetitive and tedious, especially if you miss a jump and have to start over from the beginning.

One possible bug I found was that I was missing 10 points in  "The Beach" but I had 10 extra points above the maximum in "The Waters".

Thanks for the feedback! Yea I've tried to compensate for the long platforming sequences with checkpoints. But yeah, I agree with the critique, we were trying stuff out and we didn't have too much experience with level design. Hopefully we'll learn from that when working on the sequel :D Also thanks for letting me know about the possible bug


This game was a trip. We checked it out for an pack recently and it's easily one of the most bizarre platformers I've seen on, but tons of fun nonetheless. We had a great time checking it out, our playthrough of it starts around 56 minutes in :)


Wowwwww awesome! I'll watch it! Btw you have a voice of an angel, sir :0


Also, I really appreciate that you take your time to leave comments under the games that you've played. It means a lot to the developers, I'm sure of it.


Hey there, after months of little updates, i was worried that the project got scraped. It's nice to see it continued. ^_^

I like some of the new creative ideas like red flame out of the checkboi head.

The transition from castle room back to the crossway seems fitting.

I followed the spike on the top, and there is a green cube that shows to press 'F', when i press it, nothing seems to happen.

Is that end of the area ? Would be niče if it continued from the top of the balloon, let's say through a hole in the wall.

Are you familiar with an addon for Unity called "Realtime_CSG" ? It woold be good for boolean operations like these.

There's a staircase path on the top of the castle that doesn't seem to lead anywhere, too.

I found there's a hidden door near the top of the tower next to das baloon, but i can't enter it.

Then i visited the zeroth floor mushroom area. I got a bit lost for a while, the floor is hardly recognizable sometimes due to the posterization and lack of texture. I think a unlit shader would fit it better if you decide to keep the posterizer effect, because this way it distorts the shading..

There's quite dark in there, i think having two directional lights, each settled in opposite direction, both slighty facing down, might help.

I think that increasing ambient lighting would be better option, though, as the platforms that are above me would still stay dark.

In the part where mushroom grew of the wall, i didn't knew what to do, and kept falling down. I watched walkthrough to see that i shall come to the path on the left. It would be nice to have an arrow pointing there.

I liked the elevator with fence and mushrooms on it.

However, as the path split into two directions, i was not sure which way i should go first. I think that to make this clearer, going one way shall always unlock the other way, so a scenario where i would go one path and never visits another could happen,.

There are some changes in my perception from the first time i played the game..

The perpsective-skewed floor in the castle section now seems jarring a bit. The rotating lights are still catching my attention, but they're not fully visible with the posterization filter.

It would be nice to have a part where the ambient light would take a rest, and the lights would be used through a platforming segment..

I had a brief imagery about how Flutie used his nose as a water tap, i wonder if it would fit somewhere.

The game is quite challenging sometimes, and i'm not sure if i could finish it in one run. Could ya add auto-save feature ? Or it would be nice to have an easy mode with more checkpoints along the way.


hey, thanks for feedback! Yeah, I really appreciate it! I don't plan on editing the existing game, tho I always consider feedback such as this when I'm working on my next project. I agree that the game is too dark at times. Thanks for your respone! I'll check out the plugin that you were talking about. Cheers!

now is it possibly to make a mobile version of this game ?? plss  


Very good game! Completing it wasn't too difficult and the controls were very fun, big fan of the sense of speed when dashing or on the water.


That's so cool to hear! I'm really glad that you've enjoyed this short adventure. It's very motivating to hear such kind words, but also such feedback lets us know about what went well and what we should improve in the future. Thanks a lot! 


Pretty fun, enjoyed the strange music, hope I don't get banned on twitch for playing this. Will play again


 :D Thanks! I'm glad to hear that! :-0


What a strange experience. I relate to the peeing on stuff though, so 10/10 good game 


Thanks man! Yeah, that pesky platform that some people struggle with. I'll probably lower it in some future update! Thanks for playing our game!


10/10 weird. Loved the conversations with the characters. 
Really enjoyed the vibe and overall atmosphere.
I had  great time  racing around the platforms at THE BEACH

Mechanically there could be a lot more polish.
THE CASTLE feels like its designed for a different player controller ( or different scale) compared to the rest of the came
See as a great reference of similar player controller.

I'd love to see the game design improved upon and the game world expanded. It really sucked me in... to a fucked up dimension... and I love it.


That's such a great review! Thanks. I totally agree with your critique, I really appreciate such feedback, because it tells us what we could improve in the future. I'm very glad that you've enjoyed our little world and characters. Comments such as yours really motivate me to improve and develop more games like so, but also are very informative. I'm just so happy for such a comment, you have no idea :D thanks! I've already bought Toree, I'll definitely check it out!


Damnn ! Of all the games I've tried today, this one was unexpectedly the most polished, memorable and fun ! I don't know exactly how, but it felt very nostalgic of my youth ...even if it doesn't resemble anything I've ever experienced before ahah. Maybe it's the PS1 look mixed with some N64, Zelda OOT, Majora's Mask vibes... Anyway, very good job !


Wow, that's like the nicest thing for you to say. The game was inspired by the platformers I've played way back, old-school 3D graphics and music of the 90s. So, that's really awesome that you say that because that was the feeling that we were going for, I'm really glad to hear such a feedback <3 


ok, the castle level is sick, the rest it's kinda too big for it's own good tbh. the water movement is fun too though. more levels like lvl 1 in the future, thanks.

Thanks for your feedback!

what do i do i got the one ring from cassle where do i go now


You can buy new levels in the hub for a bunch of apple c;


I just replayed it to completion on the download version and absolutely loved it. I never felt frustrated or finding myself searching for those last few collectables. Awesome stuff! Can't wait to see more of these games!


Thanks, that's sooo cool to hear! We already are thinking about the sequel/prequel, so we really appreciate such comments! It's really motivating, to see that there are people who would like to see more stuff in the world of Lil Flutie! <3


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how many rings are there? I wanna get the other ending


hey there are 8 total. On each level if you'll hit Enter/Return or ESC (if you're not on the webgl) it'll show you how much rings are on this level c: thanks for checking out the game!

thanks, I'm stupid and I dont know where the one in mushroom is at, help me please, I beg you, I am in constant suffering


in trailer check out 0:39. He'll show you the way


this was a very...bizarre adventure (that is a jojo reference) fun game playthrough with a charming main character exploring his wacky world! 10/10-June 2005 Playstation issue

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! I'm glad that you like it! c:


I really enjoyed this game.
The movement was great, gliding landing repeating was great stuff.
The loose but fast water skiing felt fantastic once you start combining it with jumping and gliding for more precision.

I loved the bizzare aesthetic and vibes

only flaw is the movement doesn't work well with precision platforming, but there were only a couple moments when the game made you do that.


Thanks, bub, for such a thoughtful and detailed description of the movement in Flutie. It really helps to know observations of others on this mechanic, because as a creator I've played it so much that I've already may have lost the reliable approach when it comes to knowing how it actually feels. I really appreciate your feedback <3


Also Dang man, you've found Smoothie's hat! :D That was a treat for the true explorers, so congrats!


Work of art, one flaw though: Its too generic. The graphics are the standard 1080 4k hd at 60fps, and the music is just like mario music. Your characters moves are jump (mario), slide (mario) and pee (mario). Your sprite is also just mario with a moustache! It also takes inspiration from sonic with the classic "naked weird old short man" trope. Also, I'd recommend deviating from triple A tropes by adding skill trees, cutscenes and loot boxes! I can see me showing flutie to my 6 year-old grandkids, seems like a good game for the whole family. In conclusion, I'd give it a 13/17 on the bepic factor.

Damn, bubs, you've exposed us :-0


Kids...don't do drugs, mmkay.

Seriously though, what a trip man! The ideas and the visuals of the game are so outlandish and unique. And the music just sells the acid trip vibe. I'm not gonna forget this anytime soon haha.

Maan, that's such a heartwarming feedback <3 we really appreciate it! We plan to expand on the world of Lil Flutie in the future, having learned so much from this project. Thanks a lot, bubs!

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Queen Faith!!! I'm so glad to see you here! :D Welcome back!

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:D i like new version,.,, hope look version for console ..i know so crazy ;D

Hey creators of this game ... amazing creativity. 
This game is a mini experience .... daaaamn bruuu ... it so Georgeouss

Thanks, bubs. The creators of the game say hello B-)


Yee-haw! Lil Flutie is my new favorite game. I've played the game at 1 a.m. and well, a sleepless night is coming for me. Also, I can't get out this juicy D'n'B music from my head. Keep it up guys


Thanks, man! We really appreciate that!