Game made for 2-Buttons Jam 2018.

Had so much fun playing with this idea. I'll propably make mobile version :D

If you have any suggestions or simply enjoyed my game, please let me know in the comments c:

Music and sounds made by: <3


Player 1: A|D or LMB|RMB

Player 2: Left arrow | Right arrow

[Edit]  Sorry for the crackling sound in web version. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with WebGL that I'm unable to fix. Exe and apk version don't have this issue though :)

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Asteroids, Casual, Unity


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2 Buttons Web 13 MB
2 Buttons build.rar 22 MB
2 Buttons_v0.1.5.apk 34 MB


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Great game, with simple but elegant aesthetics. At first I thought it was a snake like game but it's more of a race =) Very nice to have a 2 players mode. I hope you'll update it, it deserves it.

Congrats and thx for contributing to the jam!

Thank you so much for your feedback and for initiating such a cool game jam :)

Game is great! I think 2 players mode is broken or I just don't know how it works. The game also need a score board and mabye some new stuff appearing on screen instead of just mindlessly collecting pellets while the timer goes down faster with each one.

Thank you for your feedback :). 2 player mode may be a little confusing, because I've worked more on single player. I'll take everything you said under consideration, because I plan on improving this idea a bit and making a better mobile version.